Corporate social responsibility

While we continue to concentrate on our core business objective of building world-class projects, we are also aware of our responsibilities towards the society we operate in. We conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner and try to be leaders of change through meaningful contributions and partnerships.

Believing in the adage –‘charity begins at home’ and taking cognizance of the fact that our business involves urbanization, we are extremely sensitive to our surroundings and ecology. We try to minimize our carbon footprint by erecting energy efficient buildings and investing in adequate green cover in all our project sites to supplement the ground cover.

Every Drop Counts – CSR campaign by Nitesh Group (Raveena Tandon Bollywood Diva shares her views on why “Every drop does count”)

We at Nitesh Group believe that, Corporate Social responsibility is not just a mere activity but it is an integral part of the business. As we are considered about the society and its issues, we educate and put our efforts to reap maximum benefits for the society.

Joining hands with Ekam Foundation – Healthy Child Health Community

Ekam Foundation addresses the neo-natal, pediatric and maternal health care needs of under-privileged children and mothers by complementing and augmenting existing public and private healthcare services.

Nitesh Group has contributed generously in order for Ekam to fulfill their dream to reducing infant mortality rate and improving healthcare outcomes for neonatal, infants and children.

Cherysh Trust – for education and women’s sustainability in rural Karnataka, and Goa.

Cherysh focusses on the transformative journey from an early stage learning for the girl child, vocational skill’s training for work choices to secure their future as self-reliant women. We feel strongly that change starts at the beginning of a girl child’s birth. Nitesh Group is vocal about women empowerment through providing them education and infrastructure – collaborating and providing financial aid to Cherysh was a clear route to enable this vision.

Dr. Graham’s Home – underprivileged children to receive scholarships

Dr. Graham’s Home – a popular mainstream school in Kalimpong – to solicit opportunity for sponsorships to their underprivileged students to whom they provide free education. Nitesh Group believes education is key to empowerment and have enabled this through providing scholarships.

In support of Genesis Foundation that strives to save children

We understand that Children are the future of tomorrow. Thus embraced ideas by Genesis Foundation – wherein a program has been created to save the lives of 7 critically ill, underprivileged children suffering from Cancer, Cardiac Disorder and Organ Failure. Nitesh Group has contributed in the form of grants for this noble endeavor.