Recruitment Programs

Recruitment ProgramsWe believe that the right employee for the organization is a boom. Each year we recruit graduates who are passionate enough to work with us and who believe in taking challenges. Hiring new graduates will bring a new perspective to the organization as they are familiar with technology, with this we can innovate ourselves and create an opportunity for further growth.

Internship Programs

Internship ProgramsEach year, we provide internships for graduate and undergraduate students. We make sure that we provide them real-time company and corporate exposure and make them the future leader of our nation. This program will not only help the graduates to learn about companies and corporate work environment but it will help us in knowing the current environment of the student and based on that we recruit people.

Professional Programs

Professional ProgramsEnhance your career development as an experienced professional with the Nitesh group and continue on your path to reach your full potential. This program will ensure that we recruit people who possess the right skills, knowledge, and have the right talents to meet our expectations. He is innovative and creative and has enough experience to handle any kind of challenge and can come up with positive results. If you believe that you can be a part of us, please upload your resume and personal details below, we will get in touch with you!

Employee Benefits

At Nitesh Group we attract the best and the brightest talent and we strive hard to retain them. We offer a comprehensive benefits package to all our full-time employees. We review and upgrade our benefits and compensation plans to keep them competitive and effective. We pay attention to the feedback from our workforce to ensure that we invest every penny in programs that are most important to our employees.
The comprehensive employee benefits provided at Nitesh Group include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Care
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Fringe benefits Annual health check-ups
  • Flexible leave benefits
  • Flexible benefits option scheme