Nitesh HUB-high end shopping mall is nestled in the heart of Koregaon Park, Pune. Owned by Bangalore based real estate company Nitesh Estates, it is a retail space, home to a perfect mix of fashion, movies at PVR Cinemas in Pune, bar & nightlife , playzones in Koregaon Park, in short a complete entertainment place in Pune.
The Inauguration Was Followed By Talk Show Which Was Hosted By the Very Beautiful Mandira Bedi.The Crowd Was Insane And Was Continuously Hooting “VIRAAAAAT VIRAAAAAT”

Nitesh HUB Management Handled The Crowd Really Well And Kept Them Entertained By Some Live Performance By Fiddlecraft Band When They Were Waiting For Virat To Come.

Meanwhile Mandira Bedi Came And She Was Looking Extremely Gorgeous In Her Yellow Outfit. She Interacted With Crowd Really Well And All Of Sudden She Announced Virat Has Been Reached To Mall. As Soon She Announced This News, Crowd Gone Crazy And Went To The Entrance Of The Mall. He Was Giving Major Style Statement By His  Dapper Look.

He Inaugurated The Mall And Then He Interacted With Punekars With All His Heart. Later He Clicked Selfies With Winners Of Nitesh HUB Facebook Contest And Congratulated Them.
Happy Faces, Big Shout Outs By Punekars ,It Was All Insane.

The Inauguration Event Was Followed By The Talk Show Where Mandira Was About To Ask Some Questions Regarding His Visit To Mall And Caption Ship Strategies As He Is New Captain Of Team India Now.
The Star Player, While Answering A Question On How Does It Feel To Be The Skipper In All The Three Formats, Said He Never Thought The Path Is Going To Lead This Way.

“I Feel Everything Is God Sent. Anything Happens To You, Happens For A Reason And Happens At A Right Time In Your Life,” He Added.

The Delhi Player Said He Has Always Been The Captain To The Team That Played In Junior Levels.

“But Being Captain Of India Is Whole Different Ball Game All Together. As They Mention It, It Is The Hot Seat In All Different Ways Such As The Attention, The Praise, Criticisms; All These Things Come Along With It.

“But One Thing Comes Along With This Is The Responsibility And That Makes Me A Better Cricketer And A Better Person As I Learn About Life Through This Experiences, So I Take It As An Opportunity,” He Explained.

Mandira Asked Did Captaincy Come As A Surprise, Virat Opined That He Will Not Call It As A Surprise And Said As A Player, He Always Wanted To Give His Inputs On The Field And Was Constantly Thinking About The Game.

Virat Said It Is A Privilege That He Was Found Worthy Of Taking The Legacy Forward And Having The Responsibility To Lead The Team In All Three Formats.

Virat Also Said Captaincy Is All About Understanding The Strengths And Weaknesses Of People Around You.

“The Way I Came Up In My Career Is Similar. I Knew My Strengths And Weaknesses But People Did Not Like Me As Such. They Were Not Too Pleased With The Way I Presented Myself, The Way I Was.

“My Mistakes Were Not Acceptable. That Always Gave Me A Mindset Of Doing Things My Way And Finding A Way To Make It Work, As There Is No One Way To Do Anything. You Can Have Different Ways, You Can Have Different Style Till Your Intent Is Good,” Said Virat, Who Has Played 176 Odis So Far.

He Also Said He Will Visit The Mall Again On Ipl Tour.

Nitesh Himself Was There At Talk Show And He Also Looked Really Happy With The Answers By Virat.
Virat Also Said He Gets Goose Bumps Thinking Of Captaining India In World Cup.

“Because, It Is An Honour To Be A Captain In The World Cup If I Still (Remain) Captain Of The Team That Time,” He Quipped.

What Was The Best Cricketing Advice He Got So Far In His Life, He Said He Got It From His Hero Sachin Tendulkar.